Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm sitting by both ashleys right now!

Hola! Como estas? Estoy en Panama y tengo tiempo bueno. El equipo estan fenomenal y ...eeekkkk.......

Ok ok i don't really know spanish so lets go back to english. or as zach likes to call it inglo.
The past few days have been wonderful. The highlight for me was Friday night. We had a big fundraiser game for a family from the CBC Church we are working with for their upcoming move to Guinea, West Africa to be missionaries. The games we a blast but we raised a lot of money for them. KC made a half court shot which earned them 1000 dollars on the spot! Then yesterday at church we prayed for them and commissioned them. That is one of the many great things that has happened here.

Well, everyone else has lots to say so read up! Keep praying for us that we would finish strong here as we are all getting pretty tired from the heat and long days.



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  1. Glad you are in Panama and having a good time..see I translated your spanish sentence! :) haha. We will continue praying for you guys in the next few days...can't wait to see you Thusrday! Te Quiero!