Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More pictures from Tuesday...

We're nearing the end. We started out the day with a little tourism...a boat ride down the Panama Canal (pictures to follow tonight). We saw crocodiles (Coach even got to hold a baby croc the guide scooped out of the water), a green iguanna, a couple of sloths, and coolest of all, the monkeys. Everyone got to have a wild monkey take a bananna from their hand as they lept from the trees to our boat. We then headed to the Artesan Mall for a little souvenir shopping.

Today was also our last clinic, another elementary school in San Miguelito. We ran out of beads for our wordless book bracelets...we gave 1500 away at our clinics. The kids were great and our team had a hard time wrapping up...they kept signing autographs and you could see the emotion as they got in the van for the last time after a clinic. We then went to the first school we did a clinic at and repainted the lines on their gymnasium floor. The team has done an amazing job with the kids at the clinics...they played with them, hugged them, let them hang all over them, and even with the heat and tiredness never lost their enthusiasm or compassion.

Tonight we're going to the Miresflores Locks for a team dinner. Tomorrow is ocean, shopping, and our final Crossfire. It's hard to believe the trip is almost over. Our team is so close and having to much fun. God has been powerful and nobody wants it to end.
The video is the team singing after our last game...the audio is really bad, but the video is fun...


Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday started our second week here in Panama and it was another busy day. 2 more clinics, a high school in Panama City (our toughest clinic to date) and a junior high clinic (in a tropical rain storm) in San Miguelito. The team worked very hard, and pushed through a lot of weariness to give a great effort with some kids who weren't as willing to participate at first. Ashley K and Erica did a great job sharing their testimonies, and many more kids responded to our invititation and prayed to receive Christ.
After a couple hours of R&R at Diego's (badly needed) we headed off to play the Panamanians 1 more time. Down both bigs (both Slim and Diego fouled out with 9 minutes to go in the game) the team battled hard down the stretch, missing a 3 pointer to tie the game with 9 seconds left. With weary legs the team played as hard as they could. It was really fun, however, to see the relationships our guys have built with the Panamanian players. We gathered together after the game, prayed and sang together, savoring the competitive experience we had shared together. (We also received an invitation to Costa Rica next year if we want to go!).

Tomorrow is our last clinic (the players are sad) and then we paint a gym floor in a school in San Miguelito. Keep praying for us...we're almost done.

God is Good/All the TIme

We been here over a week and everything has been wonderful. Things have been a little rough with the sun, but the man upstairs has giving us enough water, and energy to share basketball and his gospel day in and out. The clinics get better everyday, you never know what your going to get with the kids which is always they best part. They are full of energy and love to dance. I wish we could stay another week and continue to worship with these kids because they are so amazing and believe just like we do. Well we have three days left, so pray for us; that we can reach out to more kids/children with these last 3 day :). God Bless


i'm sitting by both ashleys right now!

Hola! Como estas? Estoy en Panama y tengo tiempo bueno. El equipo estan fenomenal y ...eeekkkk.......

Ok ok i don't really know spanish so lets go back to english. or as zach likes to call it inglo.
The past few days have been wonderful. The highlight for me was Friday night. We had a big fundraiser game for a family from the CBC Church we are working with for their upcoming move to Guinea, West Africa to be missionaries. The games we a blast but we raised a lot of money for them. KC made a half court shot which earned them 1000 dollars on the spot! Then yesterday at church we prayed for them and commissioned them. That is one of the many great things that has happened here.

Well, everyone else has lots to say so read up! Keep praying for us that we would finish strong here as we are all getting pretty tired from the heat and long days.



Welcome to Panama with Adam Brown

Sooo today is my BIRTHDAY!!! I am 19 and ready for another exciting day with the Panamanians!!!! The last couple days have been A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! Just playing with the kids and dancing and being silly with them is great. I am actually learning songs in spanish now. The kids love singing and dancing with us its just sooo much fun!! Today we have our last game of the trip and maybe we can redeem ourselves this game. Stay tuned for more of Welcome to Panama with Adam Brown.

Hello to everyone back home... from K.C. ...

Hello to everyone from back home :-) It is hard to believe that we have been in Panama for over a week! It is amazing to see how much we have all grown and become closer in the last 8 days! It has been a wonderful experience and has gone so quickly. Everyday has been filled with one activity after another, and the people here have been wonderful.

This trip has far exceeded any expectations I had. It has truly been life-changing! To be able to combine basketball with ministry work has been a blessing. We have three very busy days coming up. We are actually going to be able to do some sight-seeing and touristy type things Tuesday and Wednesday, which everyone is excited about. It will be a good way to wrap up the trip.

I thank all of you for all of the thoughts and prayers you have sent our way. We appreciate them and ask that you continue to do what you are doing. I cannot wait to get back and share with everyone about what an awesome experience this has been. There are lots of great pictures to show as well ;-) Have a great week!!